Building a great product is hard. Let's get better at it.

Iterative Architectures

One of the common themes i see teams struggle with is their architecture. In the technology world, needs and opinions change over time. Because of this, no architecture is truly future-proof.

Design By Ideal

I find myself asking the question, "How would this work in a perfect world? What is the ideal here?" more and more lately.

Making Your Stand Ups Better

I am often asked what is the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering. Many people think the difference is semantics, but they are mistaken.

Your App Has One Feature

Ask an engineer to list all of the features in a product they work on. The result will be long. Next, ask a non-technical employee the same question.

Use Generic Names for 3rd Party Services

One of the easiest traps for coders to fall into is naming 3rd party integrations too specifically. It comes naturally, of course. We train ourselves to adopt concise and explicit naming patterns.