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2017: The Goals

If i had to summarize my learnings of 2016 to a single lesson, it would be the importance of goal setting and measurability. In the same vein, it is time that i

Design By Ideal

I find myself asking the question, "How would this work in a perfect world? What is the ideal here?" more and more lately. It seems to fit in so many discussions, from

Be Your Team's Resource

Programmers are a curious bunch. I mean this literally: we are curious by nature. That is a good thing given how rapidly the tech world evolves. That curiosity keeps our skills relevant

Good Problems to Have

Some scale problems should go unsolved. No. Most scale problems should go unsolved.

"To your pitchforks!", you shout. "Burn the heretic!"

Hear me out.

The thing is, most scale problems aren't problems

Learn the Unnecessary Things

The world's best programmers share exactly one thing in common: a passion.

That passion is not for code.

The passion is for creation. We are addicted to creation, whether it's solutions, websites