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Misaligned Requirements

I was taking out my laptop at a bar when i noticed the impeachment trial was playing on a nearby tv. A congressperson was on the senate floor giving an impassioned speech

Choosing Lifestyle Companies

There are at least two ways to prioritize a company's money and efforts: you can prioritize for growth or you can prioritize reducing operations. The second option is one too few companies

The Dark Side of Startups

The startup scene is, in many ways, a plethora of good. The number of jobs, wealth, tools and services created by startups in the last few decades is difficult to even quantify.

Making Your Stand Ups Better

I am often asked what is the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering. Many people think the difference is semantics, but they are mistaken. While a proper contrasting will have to

Be Your Team's Resource

Programmers are a curious bunch. I mean this literally: we are curious by nature. That is a good thing given how rapidly the tech world evolves. That curiosity keeps our skills relevant

Brave Developers

Cautious developers keep the software world turning. They are careful, detail-oriented and inject fewer bugs than the others. This post is not about them.

This will be about the brave coders. They

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