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Ben is the co-founder of Skyward. He has spent the last 10 years building products and working with startups.

My AMD Hackintosh (and Why)

I'm a Mac holdout; trapped in a technical purgatory since the end of 2015.

You know the type. We use Apple machines but lament the inadequate keyboards, vanishing Esc keys, the... touchbar,

Misaligned Requirements

I was taking out my laptop at a bar when i noticed the impeachment trial was playing on a nearby tv. A congressperson was on the senate floor giving an impassioned speech

Badge of Honor

10 years ago i was interviewing for a development position with a large technology company. During my 5th interview a project manager asked me a question i've not forgotten.

"What would do

Choosing Lifestyle Companies

There are at least two ways to prioritize a company's money and efforts: you can prioritize for growth or you can prioritize reducing operations. The second option is one too few companies

The Dark Side of Startups

The startup scene is, in many ways, a plethora of good. The number of jobs, wealth, tools and services created by startups in the last few decades is difficult to even quantify.

Wizards of Our Age

I used to work with an engineer named Tim. Tim, for all i could tell, was a wizard. He employed advanced and arcane magics such a sed and awk to achieve bizarre