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Untold Benefits of a Software Blog

Starting a software blog can feel out of reach to most. Without readers our time will be wasted, right?


Thousands of dollars. That is what blogging about software will make you,


2017: The Goals

If i had to summarize my learnings of 2016 to a single lesson, it would be the importance of goal setting and measurability. In the same vein, it is time that i


Designing as a Developer

Software developers have two things in common: we write code and we suck at making things look nice. Or so we think.

The truth is we aren't actually bad at making stuff


Prove Features Manually

At companies, we spend a lot of time using intuition to solve problems or increase revenue. But it is rare that these features, in their first version, end up working as we


Iterative Architectures

One of the common themes i see teams struggle with is their architecture. In the technology world, needs and opinions change over time. Because of this, no architecture is truly future-proof. They


Design By Ideal

I find myself asking the question, "How would this work in a perfect world? What is the ideal here?" more and more lately. It seems to fit in so many discussions, from