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Ben is the co-founder of Skyward. He has spent the last 10 years building products and working with startups.

The Joy

Apple announced many improvements during their WWDC keynote this year. The greatest improvement, though, was not a feature or bug fix. It wasn't an updated OS nor was it a new phone.

Be Your Team's Resource

Programmers are a curious bunch. I mean this literally: we are curious by nature. That is a good thing given how rapidly the tech world evolves. That curiosity keeps our skills relevant

Brave Developers

Cautious developers keep the software world turning. They are careful, detail-oriented and inject fewer bugs than the others. This post is not about them.

This will be about the brave coders. They

A Memory Like Cast Iron Pans

You don't wash cast iron pans. There are a few reasons for this.

The most important reason is that food cooked in a cast iron pan adds character to it. It starts

Dear Managers


Your job is not to manage people. You read that right. Your job, like every other employee's job, is to improve the 4 factors critical to long term business success. Your

Good Problems to Have

Some scale problems should go unsolved. No. Most scale problems should go unsolved.

"To your pitchforks!", you shout. "Burn the heretic!"

Hear me out.

The thing is, most

Avoiding Phantom Code

Phantoms, ghouls, spectres; semi-transparent demons and star antagonists of your horror story du jour. So much of their frightfulness stems from their intangible nature. People see them and know they exist, but

Build a Buy Button First

Most of my past projects are bad at collecting money. Some are literally incapable of it. Of all the mistakes i've made as an engineer, i list this among the worst.


Refrigerator Code

The late George Carlin once joked about the foolishness of human ingenuity. He said that, in the past, humans built houses to shield themselves from the cold. A warm enclosure inside of

Learn the Unnecessary Things

The world's best programmers share exactly one thing in common: a passion.

That passion is not for code.

The passion is for creation. We are addicted to creation, whether it's solutions, websites

Software is a House

Software is a house. An intranet is a gated community and a proof of concept is nothing but a model home. To software people, these analogies are novel. To non-technical clients, they

Editor as Artbush

Editors are tools. Rarely, however, do we consider our abilities with an editor as part of coding mastery.

In traditional canvas art, we can see the painter's mastery of their tools in

Even Fibonacci Numbers

A second introductory problem, this time introducing integer sequences reliant on previous values.

The problem

The Fibonacci sequence is an integer sequence obtained by adding the previous two terms. For the purposes

Counting Rectangles

A geometric counting problem based strongly on a single mathematical pattern. My solution ended up needing some arbitrary loop limits, which tends to suggest a lapse in understanding. The completed script finished